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The Solution for Your Customers

Attract more customers with us and benefit from digital order processing and automated processes. With el/ka/sy® you are always the direct partner of your customers.

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Digitization continues to advance and new types of business models are influencing established business structures. In this environment, growth and customer loyalty require an increased level of digitization in all processes. Open ecosystems that connect all participants in the supply chain with each other are an essential factor in expanding a company’s competitive advantage.

Benefits of EL/KA/SY®Ecosystem

Advantages as Supplier

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Digital Order Processing

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Time and Cost Savings

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Solution for Your Customer

Nutz GmbH & Co. KG

With el/ka/sy® we have not only relieved our order processing and thus our inside sales, but at the same time lifted our customer relationship to a new level. And we continue to be the direct partner for our customers. 

This is how I imagine Industry 4.0.

Harry Luedtke

Managing Director, Nutz GmbH & Co. KG, Villingen-Schwenningen

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  • Direct Customer Relationship
  • Digital Order Processing
  • Automated Processes
  • One scalable interface for all your Customers
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el/ka/sy® –
Smart Kanban for You and Your Customers

Are you facing the challenge of losing contact with your customers? However, your goal is to change this and automate your processes at the same time. Then you should take a look at the whitepaper on how you can achieve both with a smart Kanban.
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Partnering with el/ka/sy®

The request comes from …


Let's go

Customer informs us that he would like to include you as his supplier in el/ka/sy®.



The customer's process and articles are defined. We take care of the system integration, interface connection and coordination.


Go Live & Supply

You deliver goods to your customer.



You will remain the direct contact person for our mutual customer.


- optional - Payment

Invoice us and receive payment.

Partner supplier

Let's go

You want a digital Kanban system for your customer.


Sales & Marketing

We support you with the presentation and concept creation.



The customer's process and articles are defined. We take care of system integration, interface connection and coordination.


Go Live & Supply

You deliver goods to your customer.



You remain the direct contact person for your customers.


- optional - Lean Development

Together we develop el/ka/sy® further for you.


Get all the Benefits from a Direct and Close Customer Relationship with el/ka/sy®

Be the Direct Partner for Your Customers

You are the customers’ direct contact for technical advice and quality, because only you have the necessary know-how. We empower you with el/ka/sy® to bind your customers even more closely to you in the long term. Together, we strongly anchor your offering in your customers’ procurement process.

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Relieve the Workload of Your Sales Team

Receive all orders digitally into your system with el/ka/sy®. Whether via a direct interface or a classical mail, we ensure order processing without media breaks. Minimal configuration effort – we have the interfaces, you have the products.

AI Simplifies Your Day-to-Day Business

With el/ka/sy®, you and your customers manage all relevant tasks with data support. Gone are the days of time-consuming adjustments and evaluations that have to be coordinated with Excel, mail and telephone.

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Stay Ahead

Enable an open and scalable system for the future with el/ka/sy® – without the risk of being replaced by mainstream industrial distributors. el/ka/sy® finally gives you the chance to outpace classical kanban systems.

Your Way into the Supplier Network

Be the Direct Partner for Your Customers and Become an el/ka/sy® Partner Supplier