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Building Bridges between Great Science and Industry – Driving Innovation Together

Building Bridges between Great Science and Industry – Driving Innovation Together  Januar 27, 2022 – Together with students of the Deggendorf University...
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PS Smartes Beschaffungsmanagement mit el/ka/sy®

One system for Recurring Parts

Franz Kessler GmbH now relies on a Kanban system for the procurement of C-parts – Kanban is a method of production process control: The procedure is oriented exclusively to the actual consumption …

Digital Material Supply Concept

As of now, an innovative solution enables material provisioning in production via the Internet of Things for digital and supplier-independent kanban or C-parts management. Together with our partner PSC …​
PS Kanban DMG Mori

Reduce Process Costs with Kanban

At the Bielefeld and Seebach locations, DMG Mori has also expanded parts management for screws and other fasteners from Böllhoff to include higher-quality B-parts.
PS Maschinenbau

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Revolutionizing and Digitizing Kanban Systems

Every manufacturing company knows Kanban, but just as well everyone knows the limitations of classical Kanban systems. ​
PS Kanban - mm logistik

Is classic Kanban still up to date?

Kanban systems enjoy a reputation as productivity drivers – they can be easily integrated into workflows, contribute to their continuous improvement and increase transparency.
PS Beschaffungsprozess - Beschaffung aktuell

Focus on the Customer's value-adding Processes

Kanban systems often come with an all-inclusive package. The full-service providers behind these systems take care of the procurement and delivery of the C-parts.

Science Meets Practice

Procurement of a supply information system: Lessons learned from the purchase of an inventory management system for C-parts

Given the high importance of information systems for procurement, surprisingly there have been little efforts to analyze the process and the relevant reasons for the procurement decision of such systems from a stakeholder perspective. The purpose of this paper is to explore these aspects in the context of low-value (C-)parts.

Business models of additive manufacturing processes

When talking about future-proof companies and Industry 4.0, hardly any phenomenon promises such a high potential as additive manufacturing processes. Alongside the Internet of Things, autonomous machines and sensor technology, the digital printing of products and components is steadily becoming the focus of industry and research. Revolutionary, disruptive and breakthrough are adjectives that are mentioned in connection with this technology.
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