Mechanical Engineering

Your All in One KANBAN

One C-parts management process for all your suppliers. Digitize the procurement process of all your parts, including B-parts, and save up to 70% of your process costs.

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Mechanical Engineering

With increasing globalization, mechanical engineering is facing the challenge of questioning proven processes and driving innovation. Crises and pandemics show us that supply chains must react quickly and dynamically to ensure security of supply. Rigid systems with a limited part focus no longer meet these requirements. The future belongs to open ecosystems that connect all supply chain members.

Benefits of the el/ka/sy® Ecosystem


Advantages of el/ka/sy®

in Mechanical Engineering

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Integration of


Your Suppliers

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Process Costs Savings

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Article Price Savings

A consolidation service would have meant higher article prices for us in total, as well as the loss of the direct connection to our suppliers. The quality of our suppliers is very important for us, so this was a decisive point for el/ka/sy®.

Thomas Buerker

Purchasing Manager, Franz Kessler GmbH, Bad Buchau

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  • Integration of all your suppliers and parts
  • Efficient procurement of your parts (C-parts and B-parts)
  • Transparency of all your parts and suppliers
  • Automated order monitoring
  • Seamless integration into your ERP system possible

Efficient and Simple B-Parts Management with el/ka/sy®

Can B-parts also be processed via a Kanban system in addition to the classic C-parts? Are there criteria that make an item kanban-capable? How can a demand determination for B-parts look like and which advantages speak for the use of a Kanban system? Get answers to all your questions and a deeper insight into how to make your B-parts management with el/ka/sy® efficient and easy.
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El/ka/sy® – Your Future

Your Innovative Procurement Process

One Procurement Process for Everything

All your suppliers in the area of C-parts, but also B-parts can be handled via one procurement process. el/ka/sy® exceeds existing boundaries – from the local manufacturer to the international wholesaler or manufacturer, all are connected without exception.

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Automated optimization options for your Kanban system. Reduce fixed capital costs and optimize storage space data-driven. By using the el/ka/sy® AI, irregularities are identified. You can immediately optimize your system based on the automatically generated recommendations.

Customized Logistics Service

Whether classic delivery to your incoming goods department, full service to the shelf or even to the workplace, with el/ka/sy® on-site logistics you get a tailor-made logistics service for your production.

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Transparent Article Prices

Benefit from a direct relationship with your suppliers and have transparent prices. This helps you to avoid hidden surcharges for unnecessary processes in the background, such as master data management, intermediate storage, transit and profit margins. Finally profit from the possibility to compare the pure article price. Never compare chalk to cheese anymore in your purchasing decisions.

Sustainability in Production

We eliminate unnecessary movement of goods, disposable labels and unnecessary bin cleaning for you. With our local logistics partners, you not only save money, but make your green footprint a little bit greener.

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Use Cases

The el/ka/sy® ecosystem enables you to flexibly network your workplaces from the warehouse to your suppliers. C-parts, B-parts, spot and peak requirements - use el/ka/sy® according to your individual requirements.