Connect your internal material management with el/ka/sy® on-site. The digital control for your internal production and logistics processes.

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Our customers use el/ka/sy® on-site to optimize their internal procurement process from the point of consumption to their warehouse. Benefit from a smart and automated solution that can be tailored to your requirements.


Your Internal Kanban System - el/ka/sy® on-site

How can internal production and logistics processes be controlled digitally and efficiently? Can a demand request also be triggered directly at the point of consumption? Get answers to all your questions and deeper insights into how this can be realized with el/ka/sy® on-site.

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Features you never had expected of KANBAN

Automation and Digitization of Internal Logistics Processes

IoT for the Internal Supply-Chain

Simplify internal material supply and digitize material planning. With el/ka/sy® on-site, you can control the flow of materials throughout your company, whether in warehouses, shop floors or workplaces.

el/ka/sy® IoT
el/ka/sy® ERP-Schnittstelle

Everything Connected

el/ka/sy® integrates seamlessly into your ERP system and enables the transfer of all relevant data into your system. Your internal Kanban control loop without manual effort.

Predictive Supply Chain Control

With el/ka/sy® and el/ka/sy® on-site, you have the possibility to detect critical paths and bottlenecks at an early stage. We connect all your consumption points with all your warehouses and make the bottleneck visible before a possible production stoppage.

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Automated optimization options for your Kanban system. Reduce fixed capital and optimize storage space data-driven. The el/ka/sy® AI identifies irregularities. You can immediately optimize your system based on the automatically generated recommendations. Gone are the days of time-consuming material planning via mail, on call or telephone and the tedious rolling of Excel files.

Product video

el/ka/sy® on-site 

Discover in our product video how el/ka/sy® on-site makes classic C-parts management more efficient:

  • Integration of all your warehouses and parts
  • Efficient material disposition (C-parts and B-parts)
  • Transparency of all your material movements
  • Monitoring of the entire process
  • Seamless integration into your ERP system possible
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Use Cases

The el/ka/sy® ecosystem enables you to flexibly network your workplaces from the warehouse to your suppliers. C-parts, B-parts, spot and peak requirements - use el/ka/sy® according to your individual requirements.