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We provide a  supplier-independent procurement system – flexible for all industries, suppliers and articles. You are able to connect with all your suppliers – from wholesalers to manufacturers, from factories to non-profit shops. No matter if the demand is for a few pieces or for several hundred thousands. The focus is on recurring demands – regardless of whether C-parts, B-parts or even A-parts. We see ourselves as an open procurement network, where the customer can select his suppliers.

The systems of the P.S. Cooperation connect you with your suppliers and customers in one ecosystem. With state-of-the-art technology and IoT hardware, we enable efficient processes and smart procurement.

The el/ka/sy® ecosystem consists of various solutions that optimize your entire procurement by means of innovative technology.


Whether it’s the procurement of C-parts, peak demands, high-volume B-parts or the automated optimization of your Kanban system using artificial intelligence – our solutions add value to every aspect of your procurement.

Our electronic kanban system el/ka/sy® is the innovative IoT Kanban system for all your C-parts and recurring demands. 

“Kanbanize” everything.

The intelligent RFID technology allows you to source all your parts from all your suppliers via one process.

el/ka/sy® on-demand is your individual webshop for spot and peak demands. Order your parts from your preferred suppliers simply by one click.

el/ka/sy® on-site is the IoT solution for digital and automated internal material supply and disposition.

Connect your workstations, internal warehouses and consumption locations via an RFID Kanban system and ensure efficient supply.

el/ka/sy® on-site logistics offers tailor-made logistics service – from distribution and storing the parts to the internal supply of your production.

You flexibly determine which service is best suited to your requirements and needs.

No, we are not a wholesaler and do not operate our own warehouse. By means of drop-shipping from suppliers, the goods are delivered directly to the customer or via our logistics hub near the customer.

The el/ka/sy® interface adapts flexibly to your ERP system.

All relevant data can thus be transferred conveniently and with minimal effort to your ERP system.

Existing shelves and small load carriers can be equipped with our innovative RFID technology. Alternatively, we are happy to take care of the procurement of shelves and containers.

The solution is an intelligent procurement system that connects you with all your suppliers. Through maximum digitization and networking, you can once again focus on the value-adding activities and thus expand your competitiveness.


With el/ka/sy® you have a tool at hand that connects you with your customers and thus creates strong customer loyalty.


At the same time, you obtain maximum automation and transparency in your process and thus focus on the value-adding activities again.

With el/ka/sy® you always have all important data for the Kanban supply of the customers in view. This gives you a transparent view of your capacity utilization and optimizes your tours as well as the plannability of your employees.

We do not simply offer a Kanban system – we are your innovation partner.

We want to drive innovation in procurement using the latest technology together with you.

Our mindset is that Excel, mailing and unnecessary phone calls are a thing of the past and everything can be managed via an intuitive system.