With PSC solutions you integrate all your suppliers into a Kanban system and say goodbye to the limits of classic C-parts management systems. You want to know how? Have a look in our downloads and get a deeper insight.

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Find our bundled knowledge in the form of whitepapers and much more at your disposal in the download center. Get an insight into various topics such as digital Kanban system, smart procurement management, digitalization in purchasing.



Safe, Lean and Simple -
The el/ka/sy® Process

PS Picture Whitepaper - el/ka/sy® Process
A smart and automated procurement process is essential for an efficient C-parts management. Read our whitepaper to find out how you can implement this process securely, leanly and easily in your company and thus boost your procurement management.

Your Overall C-parts Management with el/ka/sy® on-demand

PS Image Whitepaper - el/ka/sy® on-demand
How do you achieve efficient procurement of C-parts and recurring requirements? How can spot and peak requirements also be included? An answer to these questions and how this can be realized with el/ka/sy® on-demand is available in our free whitepaper.

Your Internal Kanban System -
el/ka/sy® on-site

PS Picture Whitepaper - el/ka/sy® on-site

Manual material requests at the point of consumption via telephone, mail or even Excel lists cost enormous amounts of time and lead to intransparency as well as high process costs. But what does a solution look like that is transparent, flexible and focused at the same time?

Connecting the Industry to Realize Smart Procurement Solutions – The el/ka/sy® Ecosystem

Different part ranges as well as processes for kanban handling often lead to high manual efforts, increased process costs and inefficiency. The solution can be an intelligent procurement system that connects you with all your suppliers. Learn how you can benefit in our whitepaper.

Efficient and Simple B-parts Management with el/ka/sy®

PS Image Whitepaper - el/ka/sy® B-Parts Management
When using Kanban systems, most people have the classic C-parts in the form of bulk goods in mind. But can’t other sub-aspects such as B-parts also be mapped with it? Get an answer to this question and much more in our free whitepaper.

el/ka/sy® logistics -
Your Competence for Innovative Customers

PS Vorschaubild Whitepaper - Logistiker

Optimal and continuous utilization of transport routes are essential for logistics specialists. At the same time, route planning must be carried out in such a way that no capacities are wasted. Find out how to master these challenges in our whitepaper.

el/ka/sy® - Smart Kanban for You and Your Customers (supplier)

PS Vorschaubild Whitepaper - Lieferant
Are you facing the challenge of losing contact with your customers? However, your goal is to change this and automate your processes at the same time. Then you should take a look at the whitepaper on how you can achieve both with a smart Kanban.

el/ka/sy® - Smart Kanban for You and Your Customers (manufacturer)

PS Vorschaubild Whitepaper - Hersteller
As a manufacturer, you always want to remain the direct contact for your customers and at the same time also digitize your processes and order processing. In our whitepaper you will learn how this is possible with el/ka/sy® as a smart Kanban system.

The Hidden Efficiency Killer of a Kanban

PS Image Whitepaper - Self Service

Expenses for the care and maintenance of Kanban systems are mostly not obvious and fall behind. However, they have the effect of high process costs. Learn in our whitepaper how to become master of this efficiency killer.


Success Stories

KESSLER GROUP - Successful with a Kanban system for all suppliers and articles

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Product Flyer

el/ka/sy® -
Your Kanban For All Suppliers

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Realizing Smart Procurement Solutions

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