P.S. Cooperation

Connecting the Industry to realize smart procurement solutions

We connect the industry from small manufacturers to global market leaders to make smart procurement processes a reality.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

We are your partner for innovative solutions in procurement – whether recurring B-parts or classic C-parts management. New ideas or requirements are exactly what we are into – and together we look for solutions.

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About Us

P.S. Cooperation GmbH - Eingang

Where Are our Roots

Our founder Hartmut Ottliczky realized very early on that classic kanban systems of industrial traders can only ever represent a part of customer requirements in a meaningful way. Transparency, flexibility and rolling out the kanban idea to more items like B-parts were the incentive to disrupt classic systems. el/ka/sy® (electronic kanban system) was born – the first kanban system for all items and suppliers of the customer.

This idea was the starting point in 2019 to create an excellent procurement system for our partners with a great team and really smart IT. We do not trade goods, but ensure that the procurement processes can be designed quickly, automatically and above all transparently.

Our Vision

Our vision is to connect the entire industry in an ecosystem in such a way that smart procurement solutions are realized.

Your network is the base for the automation and optimization of processes.

We want procurement to no longer be carried out by Excel, PDF and telephony orgies, but smart with one system seamlessly connected to the systems of our partners.

P.S. Cooperation GmbH - Vision

Our Values

Passion ...

… to design existing processes more efficiently together with our partners and as a team.

Cooperations ...

… actively promote to achieve the maximum benefit for our partners.

PS Company Values

Focus ...

… on lean, value-adding processes.

Courage ...

… to break new ground together with our team and make innovations a reality.

The PSC Summit Strikers

Our diverse team convinces with smart ideas, a lot of experience and know-how.
Together with our partners we cross borders. We are convinced that with modern technologies, existing processes must always be rethought. In the team we follow flat hierarchies and everyone is allowed to challenge everyone.

“He who thinks he is something has ceased to be something.”

PS Josef Gutsmiedl

Josef Gutsmiedl

CEO & Refounder
PS Manuel Huning

Manuel Huning

CTO & Refounder
PS Divyank Dhadi

Divyank Dhadi​

Backend Development
PS_Flamur Kasa


Fullstack Development

Christoph Kay

Customer Success Manager

Partners who Together with
Us Exceed Limits