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We network you and all your suppliers in a smart Kanban system.

The game changer for your C-parts management and that’s just the beginning …

El/Ka/sy® at a Glance

Advantages of the
Smart C-parts Management

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Your Supplier

One system for all your suppliers – from non-profit workshops to international wholesalers. You remain the direct partner of your suppliers.
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Efficiency Increase

Our IoT solution saves up to 70% of traditional process costs from your purchasing to logistics by automating your procurement management.

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Automation of your entire processes from order transmission to delivery date monitoring and goods receipt posting. 

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KI Optimization

Our AI analyzes all relevant data in your system and enables the dynamic optimization of your Kanban system.

Many Partners Already Benefit from these Advantages ...


P.S. Cooperation Moves Forward​

Innovation for proven

How to Revolutionize
Your Procurement

Your Innovative Procurement Process for all Your Items

One solution for your suppliers and articles. Finally, you can handle all materials in a uniform manner and retain purchasing sovereignty in your own hands. You maintain a direct line to your suppliers and have absolute price transparency – without hidden handling surcharges for third-party items.
el/ka/sy® IoT
PS Transparenter Prozess

A Transparent Process from the Workplace to the Dealer and Manufacturer

The el/ka/sy® ecosystem enables you to flexibly network your workplaces from the warehouse to your suppliers. Quickly and easily identify optimization potentials as well as bottlenecks in the supply chain before production downtimes occur.

KI Optimization

Benefit from the automatic optimization of your Kanban system. Reduce tied-up capital and optimize your warehouse data-driven. Gone are the days of time-consuming inquiries via mail, phone and fax with your suppliers and the tedious tossing of Excel files.
PS Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Supply Chain Control

Let el/ka/sy® automatically read out all order confirmations (ABs) of your suppliers. Keep track of all delivery dates. Time-consuming e-mail searches for ABs are now a thing of the past.


Connecting the Industry to Realize Smart Procurement Solutions – The el/ka/sy® Ecosystem

Is there a Kanban system that can map all kanban-capable items? What is behind the el/ka/sy® ecosystem and what are the benefits of the el/ka/sy® ecosystem? Get answers to all your questions and a deeper insight.
PS Vorschaubild Whitepaper - el/ka/sy® Ökosystem


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Use Cases

The el/ka/sy® ecosystem enables you to flexibly network your workplaces from the warehouse to your suppliers. C-parts, B-parts, spot and peak requirements - use el/ka/sy® according to your individual requirements.